12 Parisian Outfits Worn by Celebrities in the ’90s

Given that Paris is one of the world’s great cultural capitals, and it’s also long been one of the world’s fashion capitals, it’s easy to see why celebrities have been flocking there for decades. It’s so beautiful, glamorous, and lively that it’s likely that even the most jaded of celebrities are happy to visit the City of Lights for either work or pleasure.

The subject of this story may seem a bit random, but many among us love celebrity style, ’90s outfits, and oui, Paris. Even though in the ’90s, there wasn’t quite the photographic evidence of celebrities’ every move as there is today, there are still plenty of images of celebs in Paris in the depths of the photo agency archives, so I went looking for them. From Kate Moss attending a wedding in a yellow gown to Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt taking a stroll along the Seine (reminder that they were engaged) to Cameron Diaz on the front row of the Valentino show, I found some gems.

Scroll to see the chic throwback photos for yourself, and shop items that are giving Paris in the ’90s. (And if you feel like booking a trip to Paris after reading this, I don’t blame you.)

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