6 Risqué Summer Trends the Fashion Crowd Is Embracing

Let’s talk about Hot Girl Summer style. What started with a Megan Thee Stallion lyric off the artist’s album Tina Snow quickly inspired an entire pop culture movement. And since fashion is intrinsically linked to the cultural zeitgeist, it wasn’t long before designers rushed to meet the moment and deliver on the self-confident, unapologetic, and body-positive mood with a slate of sultry style options that celebrities and fashion people are embracing en masse.

If last summer introduced the idea of Hot Girl Summer style, then 2022 is doubling down on the sartorial movement with a fresh lineup of risqué summer trends, and we can’t get enough of them.  Ahead, we’re breaking down the six themes that will have you living your hottest Hot Girl Summer to date (at least through clothing). There’s definitely your fair share of gutsy cutouts and bare midriffs but also a few tamer styles that tap into the hot-girl mood.

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