6 Summer Outfits Approved by a Creative Director

I made a promise to myself that this summer, I will be my most stylish self. I am going to step it up a notch when it comes to my personal style and really try and figure out what outfits work best for me, what makes me feel the most confident, and what I feel like is the best representation of my personality and personal style. I would like to think of myself as someone who’s always been stylish and fashion-savvy, but there are definitely outfits I’ve worn where I look back and absolutely cringe. There will be none of that in my most stylish summer yet, and to make sure I stay away from outfits that make me ask myself “What were you thinking?”, I enlisted the help of someone whose outfits never miss. 

Miami-based influencer, creative director, and founder of the jewelry brand Aureum Collective Cass Dimicco sat down with me and told me the six ultra-chic outfits that she’ll be wearing all season long (and that I’ll be copying). As I mentioned, Dimicco is based in Miami, Florida, but is a former New York City girl, and her personal style definitely has that MIA/NYC It-girl feel to it. When we got to talking, she disclosed to me that Miami has had an influence on her style. “I definitely started embracing color once I moved to Miami. Prior to that, I never wore one ounce of color,” she said. 

I wanted to know what Dimicco’s vibe is going to be for summer, with so many fun aesthetics to choose from and so many options to shop.

She said, “Lately, I’ve kinda been in this phase, I’m sure you’ve seen this everywhere, but as an influencer, I get in this bad habit of always buying crazy pieces to get good engagement, and then I go to my closet, and I’m just thinking, What is all of this crap?

I laughed with her about this because I have also been there before. I love a great showstopping statement piece, but too many in one closet can be… a lot. 

She continued, “So now I’m in the phase of going back to focusing on a more normal way of dressing with more essential pieces and wearing everything over and over, styling them in different ways. I think that’s just so much more useful, sustainable, and meaningful.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. Finding versatile, elevated pieces is not only the way to make your closet way less cluttered but also better for the environment and your closet space. 

Keep scrolling to see which looks Dimicco told me she’ll be wearing this season and the rest of our conversation about all things summer outfit planning.

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