Amazon workers stage die-in to protest anti-trans books the company continues to sell

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“There is a direct line between the hateful transphobic rhetoric Amazon is profiting from, the unprecedented anti-trans legislation across the United States, and the violent and often deadly physical attacks so many of our community face,” the group added.

Amazon has refused to remove some seriously damaging books, including Desist, Detrans & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult; Irreversible Damage; and, of course, the disturbing children’s book Johnny the Walrus by conservative menace Matt Walsh. Other major booksellers, including Target, have pulled some of these titles from their websites already. 

Back in 2021, a small group of employees actually quit Amazon over its refusal to stop selling such hateful and dangerous books, per NBC News.

It’s interesting to see how quickly folks mock these brave protest efforts online. Of all the things people can protest when it comes to Amazon, some Twitter users opine, is this really what we should focus on? Of course, the answer is a simple yes, and. Yes, protest horrendous worker conditions, and anti-trans books. Yes, protest anti-union rhetoric, and anti-trans books. Yes, protest Amazon after hearing Black workers speak out about racism they experienced, and because of anti-trans books.

There is room for everyone and every cause when it comes to combatting hate. 

As highlighted over at the Post, Seattle Pride, which organizes Seattle’s pride parade, has already banned Amazon as a corporate sponsor. This included refusing a $100,000 donation because Amazon donates to anti-LGBTQ+ lawmakers, as well as a refusal to stop anti-queer groups from raising money on AmazonSmile, its charitable donation platform. 

Here are some moments from the protest as shared on Twitter, as well as messages of support and analysis on why this sort of protest is so meaningful.





The group is also circulating a petition to both stop selling anti-trans texts and to permit a worker oversight board. 

Sign the petition: Transgender children deserve all our love, support, and gender-affirming care

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