Biden Dumps Trump’s Tacky Air Force One Redesign

The Biden administration has ditched Trump’s Air Force One redesign because it was too expensive and would delay delivery.

Via: The AP:

President Joe Biden’s administration has scrapped former President Donald Trump’s red, white and blue design for the new generation of presidential aircraft after an Air Force review suggested it would raise costs and delay the delivery of the new jets.


The Trump paint scheme is not being considered because it could drive additional engineering, time, and cost, according to an administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss the program.

Trump’s Air Force One redesign was expensive, cheesy, and a waste of taxpayer money. In this respect, it was just like his wall.

Trump bragged about how he got a great deal on the new jets, but the deal wasn’t so great if his custom paint job drove up the price for taxpayers. Air Force One is iconic and known around the world, so of course, the Trumps had to treat it like his wife ripping Jackie Kennedy’s historic roses from the White House garden.

The Trumps want to be the Kennedys, but lucky for America, Joe Biden is on the job to save the nation from the waste, humiliation, and destruction of history that came with Trump’s tacky taste.

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