Biden Makes History As For The First Time Ever White House Interns Will Be Paid

President Biden and Vice President Harris announced that for the first time ever, White House interns would be paid after Congress passed bipartisan funding.

The White House announced in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

President Biden and Vice President Harris are announcing the launch of the White House Internship Program and that, for the first time in history, White House interns will be paid. The first session will commence in Fall 2022.  
Too often, unpaid federal internships have been a barrier to hardworking and talented students and professionals, preventing them from contributing their talents and skills to the country and holding them back from federal career advancement opportunities. This significant milestone of paying White House interns will help remove barriers to equal opportunity for low-income students and first-generation professionals at the beginnings of their careers and help to ensure that those who receive internships at the White House—and who will be a significant part of the leadership pipeline across the entire federal government—reflect the diversity of America.
The funds for paying interns come from bipartisan legislation that the President was proud to sign earlier this year.
This funding provides for paid internships across the Executive Office of the President. Interns participating in the White House Internship Program will support the White House Office and the Office of the Vice President. 
The White House Internship Program is a public service leadership and development program that provides emerging leaders with an opportunity to gain valuable skills while supporting the work of the White House and furthering the priorities of the Biden-Harris Administration.  
Interested candidates can find the Program’s online application at The website also features additional information about the Program, including a “Frequently Asked Questions” section. The application for the Fall 2022 session will open on Monday, June 6 and close on Friday, June 24. 
Each year, leaders from around the country participate in the White House Internship Program to dedicate their time, energy, and experience to serve the country through public service.
The Fall 2022 session will be hosted in-person on the White House campus. Program leadership will continue to monitor the public health landscape related to COVID-19 and will adapt the Program’s approach in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. All interns will be required to attest to their vaccination status and must adhere to any White House COVID-19 protocols.
The Fall 2022 session will be a 14-week program, beginning on Monday, September 12 and ending on Friday, December 16. Selected applicants will be notified the week of August 8. 

Biden And Harris Are Creating Opportunities For Students

A student should not miss out on a career-making opportunity like a White House internship, because they can’t afford to travel to or live in Washington, DC.

President Biden and Vice President Harris are putting action behind their stated desire to create opportunities for people to climb the economic ladder. 

A White House internship is prestigious and a great learning experience that should not be closed to students who may not have the financial means to support the internship.

The college landscape is changing. College students are no longer viewed as free labor.

If interns are going to be working in the White House, Biden and Harris are doing the right thing by compensating them for their labor.

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