Biden Plans To Get Vocal If Republicans Try To Dismiss The 1/6 Committee’s Findings

President Biden plans to follow the hearings and let the 1/6 Committee do their work unless Republicans try to dismiss the committee.

Politico reported:

The White House could also call an audible should aides decide any major revelations from the committee warrant a response from staff or the President. One former administration official said if Republicans in Congress mount a coordinated nothing-to-see-here campaign, the White House would “make a decision to be more vocal.”

Biden has been vocal before. He forcefully condemned the violent attack on the Capitol and the Republicans who helped incite and potentially coordinate it.

President Biden has shown that he will not stay quiet if something comes up that demands a response. Biden will give the committee plenty of space to do its work, but he is not going to sit back and allow Republicans to dismiss the committee’s efforts or smear them.

The 1/6 Committee hearings will dominate the next few weeks, but the President has to respect the work of the Legislative Branch as they conduct oversight. The separation of powers is fundamental to our system of governance, but President Biden can both give the committee room and speak out if needed.

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