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Need to bring order to the chaos, Capricorn? Now’s your chance. After weathering last month’s eclipse season and a Mercury retrograde (which ends on June 3), you’ll welcome some of the sensible and fortifying energy that June has to offer.

For starters, the Sun is in Gemini and your practical, health-conscious sixth house until June 21. During this time, you’ll want to dial back the drama and excess. Focus on putting systems in place, getting your summer fitness underway and treating your body like a temple. With personal-growth planet Jupiter spending its first full month in Aries and your domestic fourth house, you can plant deeper roots with loved ones, beautify your home and prioritize self-care. The energy you invest in stability—emotional and financial—will pay off all year.

Got something to release that no longer serves you? Or have you been too quick to cut a certain someone off? The June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon beams into your twelfth house of healing, closure and surrender. A week after this transitional moment, we’ll enter Cancer season as the Sun shifts into your seventh house of committed relationships. Is it time to get serious with someone for business or romance?

Two of the slow-moving outer planets begin their annual retrograde (backward) turns this month. On June 4, Saturn makes a five-month reverse trip through Aquarius and your second house of work and money. Tighten your budget and trim wasteful costs over the summer, and by the time the holidays roll around, you’ll feel much more financially secure!

On June 28, hazy Neptune flips around in Pisces and your communicative third house. You might pick up an old creative project, sharpen your messaging or become a bit more reflective between now and December 3. Leave some white space in your calendar to journal, process emotions and feed your imagination—that extra time could lead to golden insights!

Gemini season inspires you to get your life and health in tiptop shape

Order in the Capricorn court! Early summer gets off to a healthy, can-do start as the Sun makes its annual sojourn through Gemini until June 21, heating up your systematic sixth house. Whether you’re cutting back on sugar, finally building those bookshelves or calling the plumber for that leaky faucet, it’s cleanup time at Capricorn HQ. Tackle a few practical and detailed projects that have piled up on your to-do list—then get outside! As an earth sign, spending time in nature revives your soul. Swap your Netflix nights for evening bike rides. Meet friends for al fresco drinks and dinner instead of huddling indoors at your cozy local bar.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius June 4-October 23

Time for budget makeover or some spending cuts? On June 4, your ruling planet, disciplined Saturn, makes a U-turn in Aquarius and your second house of work and money. You may need to tighten your Prada belt during this annual five-month backspin and trim some wasteful expenses. If you’re already living lean, get resourceful by making a few lifestyle changes and thinking long-term. Would it be cheaper just to invest in a high-quality espresso maker than buying your six-dollar latte every day? Once you do the math, you might see things from a new POV.

Inspector Saturn brings us back to basics, and while retrograde, the austerity planet will send you back to the drawing board too. A project that’s gotten weighed down by inefficiency could use a revamped timeline or perhaps a new set of goals. Find the cracks in the foundation while Saturn is retrograde and improve accordingly. Annoying as this additional work feels, it can be a blessing once you take the medicine. You might even decide to scale back an overly ambitious project or to release a small demo version then test it out with your audience. 

The second house also rules self-esteem, and with hard-knocks Saturn retrograde, your confidence could hit a speed bump. If you’ve been too focused on the externals or getting validation from others, Saturn will disrupt that. Capricorn, there’s no bypassing the real inner work that’s required to feel truly secure. You’ll be glad you did it!

The June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon brings closure or transition

Is it time to let something go? The urge to say goodbye or end a chapter could arrive this June 14, when the Sagittarius full supermoon ( lands in your twelfth house of closure, healing and life cycles. Since both full moons AND this zodiac sector are associated with finality, a decision or change you’ve been putting off could finally take place. This is especially true since this full moon culminates events sparked by the December 4 Sagittarius new moon, a potent solar eclipse, six months ago. Look back to that date for clues of what will come to pass today.

Remember, Capricorn: Endings are a portal to beginnings. And they don’t have to be literal. For example, you may choose to release resentment and free yourself from the toxicity and bitterness of a grudge that’s been eating you up inside. Or you could decide to end a destructive dynamic in a friendship or relationship, both committing to a healthier new way of communicating. If you’ve been struggling with emotional or mental-health issues or an addictive pattern, the Sagittarius full moon can inspire you to finally seek the support to heal.

Are you viewing a certain situation accurately? While the full moon’s spotlight can reveal what’s in the shadows, this one can distort the picture with its presence in the twelfth house of illusions and deception. Observe what comes to light but take your time to let the whole picture emerge. Avoid jumping to conclusions about what it all means, and give it the rest of the month to settle.

Twosome time: Cancer season (June 21) and the June 28 Cancer new moon

Double up for the win! On June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer and your seventh house of partnerships, making everything better when you bring a plus-one. But not just anyone, Crab: With this solar focus on your tightest inner circle, be selective about the company you keep. Between now and June 22, bring balance back to your closest bonds. A budding romance could turn serious, moving into official terrain. Maybe you’ll be ready to sign on the dotted line for a joint business venture. 

Cancer is your opposite sign, and when the Sun is in this part of our sky, it’s at its farthest point away from the Capricorn zone. As a result, your own solar power could be dimmed and you may feel tired or low-energy at times. All the more reason to lean on the quality people in your orbit now. You need their strength while you go into cruise control for a minute.

The June 28 Cancer new moon is a perfect date for launching these discussions or taking a next big step as it kicks off a six-month cycle of growth. Between now and the Cancer full moon in January 2023, pour some extra energy into the relationships that are mutually fulfilling and have a truly even give-and-take. This date could magnetize someone with amazing long-term potential for romance, business or both!

Unlike the fuclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ll moon earlier this month, which was a supermoon, this one is a “micro-moon.” This effect occurs when a new or full moon connects with the point in the moon’s orbit that’s farthest from the Earth (called apogee), making it appear smaller from our vantage point here. That doesn’t mean the distant moon won’t work its magic—and we can’t see the new moon anyhow—but it may not be quite as impactful as a supermoon, which occurs when la luna is at the CLOSEST point (perigee) to our planet.

Neptune turns retrograde June 28-December 3

Say what? On June 28, hazy Neptune will turn retrograde (backward) in Pisces, reversing through your third house of communication for its annual five-month reversal. It’s more important than ever that you’re clear with people since the foggy planet could muddle messages. Retrogrades can be good times to rehash the past. Have you misread someone’s intentions? Slow down and talk it through, listening to each other compassionately. If you’ve had tension with a neighbor, sibling or colleague, Neptune’s backspin can present an olive branch.

Be conscious about the information you take in while absorbent Neptune is retrograde. A break from social media could be just what the cosmos ordered, especially if you’re feeling fatigued by all the Insta-fabulous photos of people’s “perfect” lives or your TikTok algorithm is serving up too many FOMO-inducing beachspo videos. 

Over the summer and early fall, you might be mulling a decision, like whether to move to a new neighborhood or start writing a book. Are you opinion-polling too many friends and family members—and getting more confused in the process? Quit asking for advice and tune in to your own heart now. Journaling and meditation can be especially helpful for clearing any blocked mental channels. Slow down, get quiet and listen to the universe instead of the anxious chatter in your head!

With passionate Mars marching through Aries and your domestic, nostalgic fourth from May 24 until July 5, June is one touchy-feely month. Emotional outpourings aren’t always a big Capricorn thing, but this month could bring strong feelings to the surface. You won’t be able to hide them, so you might as well wear your heart on your sleeve and keep it real, letting people see the sensitive side you’re normally slower to display. 

With Mars heating up the action at home, coupled Caps might be feeling the heat without leaving your digs. Single Capricorns may be disinclined to leave the house, but if you’re in the mood for love, you probably won’t find it sitting on the couch. Tap a wingperson and go out and mingle together if you start to become too much of a shut-in. Or just give yourself a break from the pressure and ramp up the self-care. Newish couples might be inspired to start leaving a toothbrush at each other’s places while longtime couples could talk about family expansion, scout real estate listings or tackle a big home improvement project.

Luckily, you’ve got cosmic support to go paint the town from the other love planet, Venus, who’s strutting down the runway of your passionate, glamorous fifth house until June 22. Venus is in sensual Taurus and this romantic zone until then, offsetting the homebody effect from Mars. Prepare for frequent costume changes from cozy loungewear to your rooftop cocktails “lewk.”

Opt for athleisure after June 22, when Venus decamps to Gemini and your health-focused sixth house, motivating you to get green and clean until July 17. If you’re attached, make it your mission to beautify and simplify your shared life. But this doesn’t have to be a dishwater-dull activity. On the contrary: With Mars and Venus in your home and healthy-living zones, setting goals, cooking nutritious meals and working out together could be highly romantic. How about hosting a party together at your place? Single Capricorns could meet someone at work, while volunteering or at the gym. Say “yes” to a friend’s dinner party, especially if they’re inviting guests they think you’d click with romantically!

Working from home? With action planet Mars firing up your domestic sector until July 5, it will be hard to “leave it at the office,” whether you’ve got a hybrid situation, go into a physical workplace or already clock your hours remotely. 

In addition to setting some healthy limits on those ever-lengthening hours, use this Martian motivation to finally finish setting up a proper productivity area at Chateau Cappy or doing a major decluttering. Mark your turf, even if it’s just a zoned-off corner of the living room! Relatives and roommates can be an extra-aggravating source of stress with Mars here, so plan accordingly.

With the Sun in Gemini and your organized, down-to-earth sixth house, you might take your productivity outdoors. Find an al fresco cafe table with strong coffee and Wi-Fi or shake off stress with outside exercise breaks throughout the day. A walk, a bike ride, even hitting a tennis ball around can do wonders to relieve aggravation! 

Stick to a solid budget after June 4, when your ruler, structured Saturn, starts a retrograde (backward) austerity tour through your second house of work and money. You may have to work harder or pay down an expense between now and October 23.

Dynamic duos could unfold over the next six months, thanks to a June 28 page-turning Cancer new moon in your partnership sector. You might also ink a contract or seal a deal. Plant the seeds now or move forward with a trial project to see how your energies gel in reality.

Love Days: 24, 1

Money Days: 9, 17

Luck Days: 7, 14

Off Days: 26, 4, 13

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