Democrat Florida AG Candidate Says He Knows Ron DeSantis Is A ‘Fascist’ Because His ‘Great Grandparents Died In Nazi Germany’

A Florida lawyer issued quite the controversial tweet on Monday to draw attention to his campaign for Attorney General of Florida.

Daniel Uhlfelder of Walton County, Florida tweeted out, “My great grandparents died in Nazi Germany. I know a fascist when I see one. Ron DeSantis is a fascist.” 

In the replies to Uhlfelder’s tweet people asked him to give examples of how DeSantis is a fascist but none were given.

In a prior tweet, Uhlfelder complained about DeSantis’s recent veto of a $35 million dollar Tampa Bay Rays facility.

Days before the veto, the Rays made anti-Second Amendment statements on Twitter and donated $50k to a gun control lobbying group. 

Uhlfelder also complained about the Governor’s urging of the Special Olympics to allow all qualified athletes to participate, including unvaccinated ones. 

Uhlfelder tweeted, “Ron DeSantis loves Nazis and hates the Special Olympics.” The Special Olympics dropped their vaccine requirement for it’s USA Games in Orlando after realizing a state law would have cost them $27 million in fines for enforcing their mandate. 

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A Publicity Stunt?

The liberal mantra of “any political opponent of mine is a fascist/ racist” might appeal to their base, but it does not work on the majority of voters who are concerned with policy issues.

Uhlfelder’s ad hominem attacks on DeSantis look more like a publicity stunt to raise funds for his campaign considering some tweets calling DeSantis a fascist or Nazi are accompanied by a link to donate $5 to Uhlfelder’s campaign.

He is thrilled with the attention his fascist tweet is garnering. He posted a follow-up tweet claiming “the right wing mob” is coming after him for the tweet but that he won’t back down. This is followed by another campaign donation link. 

Publicity stunts seem to be Uhlfelder’s thing. During the height of the pandemic lockdowns in 2020 he was featured on a local news segment for visiting Florida beaches dressed as the grim reaper and telling people to go home to stay safe from COVID-19.

He talks about this stunt in a video he posted to social media when he announced his candidacy for Florida Attorney General in March.

In the video he says:

“When people are being oppressed or left out or made to feel like their lives don’t matter it’s not in my DNA to let it slide.

“There’s a lot of bullying going on right now. What do you expect when these are the faces of Florida’s leaders? That’s why I’m running for the Attorney General of Florida.”

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Uhlfelder’s tweets range from calling for increased gun control to complaining about Florida’s COVID data. He certainly is a man on a mission, but it’s hard to imagine he will gain much traction.

That’s the difference between democracy and fascism — that thing where the voters decide who they want to have making the rules.

Uhlfelder seems to forget that DeSantis is enacting legislation voted on by a legislative body filled with individuals who were also voted in to make those decisions. Perhaps Uhlfelder will learn more about Florida’s democracy in November. 

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