Distract yourself with this cool trending piece of digital art


We are in a new era of digital art. Art continues to evolve with time, and digital art has quickly taken the stage. With 1.5 million likes on Twitter, this art piece by Vaskange is a great distraction from all the negative news consuming the Internet.

Since a Twitter user shared it, it has been the talk of social media, with many wondering how the infinite zoom pixels artwork actually has.

The art clip depicts a person zooming into a digital painting, and as they do, the painting retains its quality and does not pixelate. While the artist has not formally said what the purpose of the piece is, it allows one to reflect on the digital era and is relatable since we all have probably zoomed in on a photo before. 

Of course, let’s not forget to support the artist! Follow his page below to see more jaw-dropping digital art.

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