Donald Trump Jr. Begs People Not To Watch 1/6 Hearings

Donald Trump Jr. claimed that he just figured out on Thursday that the 1/6 Committee hearings were happening, and he told people not to watch.



After saying that people don’t care about the hearings, the former president’s son continued, “Like all things Democrat these days, they’re so out of touch reality. People don’t even know that it’s the Democrats’ Super Bowl going on. They couldn’t care less. That’s how ridiculous it’s gotten, folks. So, I hope you don’t tune it in. Don’t give them the ratings that they’re looking for, even if you’re looking to make fun of it.”

Trump Jr. falsely claimed that the 1/6 terrorists were peaceful protesters and falsely said that the terrorists are in jail without due process.

Donald Trump Jr. made one final plea, “So don’t fall for it, don’t go for it. The fact that I’m just figuring this stuff out, now that they’re doing their live Super Bowl televised thing now, probably tells you everything you need to know.”

Tens Of Millions Of Americans Watched The 1/6 Committee Hearing

Donald Trump Jr. was wrong. The American people watched in huge numbers. Early television only data found that 20 million Americans watched, while only 3 million tuned in to Fox News for their regular programming. MSNBC beat Fox News and was the number one network on cable and the second most-watched network on all of television.

People didn’t listen to the Republican pleas and tuned in.

Why Don’t Republicans Like Donald Trump Jr. Want People To Watch?

Donald Trump Jr. was clearly scared that people are watching. The idea that the American people only care about gas prices is an insult. People are capable of caring about more than one thing at once.

Trump Jr. is scared because he doesn’t want the country to learn that his father coordinated and oversaw an attempted coup.

The first hearing exposed the Republican plot, and people like Donald Trump Jr. have no defense, so they are pleading to keep their supporters in the dark.

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