Elise Stefanik Complains Because People Will Be Able To Watch The 1/6 Hearings

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) complained because the American people will be able to watch the 1/6 Committee hearings.

Stefanik told Breitbart, “What I find interesting and really appealing is the fact that most committees in Congress start in the morning. That’s the business hours, but no, this committee, because all they care about is trying to take back the narrative to try and target patriotic Trump supporters across the country.”

Republicans are really upset and think that a plot is afoot because the 1/6 Committee is trying to tell the story of the first president and political party ever to try to stage a coup in the nation’s history, and they want the American people to be able to see the evidence for themselves.

Rep. Stefanik and others knew that some of these hearings would be in primetime. It was not a surprise. However, the Republicans could not have anticipated that virtually every network would show them live.

The Republicans can’t break through to the mainstream with their attacks, so they are on Fox News and Breitbart trying to poison the well and keep their own supporters blind.

Stefanik has also been pushing replacement theory. She is engaged in a cover-up to try to save her party and Donald Trump from the consequences of an attempted coup.

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