Georgia’s ‘Jesus, Guns, Babies’ candidate will not concede after receiving only 3.4% of the vote

First, here’s a highlight from Taylor’s campaign just a day or two before primary day.


Blows your hair back, right? Ms. Taylor went on her YouTube channel to live stream Tuesday evening. She opened by saying it was “a miracle I’m on YouTube live again. I haven’t been on here in months.” Why it was a miracle? Hard to say. Seems that the fact that she hadn’t gotten on her YouTube channel to do something “live” for months…and then she does do that, constitutes a “miracle” these days. Nope, according to Taylor, “they don’t like it when I come on here and talk about things that are illegal.”

What those “illegal” things are, we may never know. Taylor went on to explain that she’s taken a short vacation at the beach with her family, after campaigning all over Georgia, meeting with “Jewish patriots, Muslim patriots, Hindu patriots,” all over the Peach State. She wanted to check in and say that “we are nowhere near done,” though she isn’t running “for anything else.” But around the 1:55 mark, she says that while she cannot get into the details of things that are “in the works,” she wants her audience to know she’s serious: “I do not concede.” She also wants you to know that somebody “cheated,” and that she cannot concede because she represents [checking my notes] 3.4% of the GOP voters in a primary.

Elie Mystal is on Daily Kos’ The Brief podcast today

She then goes on to say, “See, it is not about me. It’s about the people of Georgia. It’s about the people of America, because a very wise congressman told me this morning on the phone that without Georgia, we lose the White House forever.”

Who this “wise congressman” is is unknown. Sounds like maybe someone contacted her because getting out the “Jesus, Guns, and Babies” vote down the road will be important. It’ll be important for Taylor to add her special evangelical seal of approval on that 3% Republicans will hope they can turn out.

After about 6 minutes of Kandiss Taylor telling the audience not to feel sorry for her while she clearly is feeling sorry for herself, she moves on to taking questions from a message board. Having watched most of her 18-minute and 40-second “not conceding” session, I can tell you that if I had to do it all over again, I’d stop watching after about… 3.4 minutes.

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