Graham’s lawyers insist his pressure on Georgia election officials was ‘legislative fact-finding’

According to an answering court filing by Graham’s lawyers, he “was engaged in quintessentially legislative factfinding—both to help him form election-related legislation, including in his role as then-Chair of the Judiciary Committee, and to help inform his vote to certify the election.” 

Yeah, sure. He just so happened to be engaged in quintessentially legislative fact-finding in one of the closest states, which involved contacting the exact same state official Trump called in an effort to pressure to “find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”

The U.S. Constitution, Graham’s lawyers say, “provides absolute protection against inquiry into Senator Graham’s legislative acts.” Or, they want the court to agree, his coup attempts disguised as legislative acts. That’s not all, though. “Sovereign immunity,” they say, prohibits a local prosecutor from summoning a U.S. senator “to face a state ad hoc investigatory body”—or, in translation, “Our client is more important than you.” They also argue that Willis hasn’t shown “the ‘extraordinary circumstances’ necessary to order a high-ranking federal official to testify.”

This is the “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??? I AM A UNITED STATES SENATOR” of legal filings combined with the strenuous whitewashing of a coup attempt into a non-extraordinary circumstance of simple legislative fact-finding.

Rep. Jody Hice has similarly tried to get out of his subpoena to testify in Willis’ investigation, with a federal judge rejecting his attempt to quash the subpoena. Graham’s subpoena calls on him to appear on Aug. 23, so he’s asking the judge for an expedited decision.


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