Gun violence survivors testify in the House as Jan. 6 committee prepares for hearing

It was a gutting day on Capitol Hill as survivors of gun violence, including a child who covered herself in her dead friend’s blood to survive the Uvalde mass shooting and the parents of a child who died, testified before a House committee. 

Today we stand for Lexi and as her voice, we demand action,” Kimberly Rubio said in her daughter’s honor. “We seek a ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. We understand that for some reason, to some people, to people with money, to people who fund political campaigns, that guns are more important than children. So at this moment we ask for progress. We seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. We seek red flag laws, and stronger background checks. We also want to repeal gun manufacturers’ liability immunity.”

As Rubio clearly knew, the progress she demands is unlikely. Senate Republicans continue to dangle the possibility of gun law reforms, but they’re acting in bad faith.

While the House heard testimony on gun violence on Wednesday, Thursday will bring the first public hearing of the select committee investigating January 6.

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