‘Hell No’: Watch Wyoming Voters Tell CNN If They Intend to Vote For Liz Cheney

Wyoming voters lampooned Republican Representative Liz Cheney during a segment on CNN in which they were asked if they’d support the anti-Trump politician in her upcoming primary.

Video captured of their responses doesn’t bode well for Cheney who will face a primary later this month.

“Hell no!” one vociferous supporter of the former President said during a portion of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” show.

She later added that Cheney had “done us dirty.”

Another pair of Wyoming voters also expressed their opinion on Cheney, one saying “absolutely not” when asked if they would vote for her while another suggested she already had “three [terms] too many.”


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Wyoming Voters Disgusted With Cheney

The segment showing Wyoming voters expressing downright disgust for Liz Cheney should come as no surprise.

In a world where conservatives need to work together to push conservative policies and platforms, the Republican outcast has simply been obsessed with former President Donald Trump and keeping him out of the 2024 presidential race.

Her lone goal right now isn’t serving her constituents in Wyoming, it’s serving as a Democrat puppet on the January 6th house select committee.

“I find her work on the January 6 committee just repulsive,” one voter told CNN.

Others interviewed referred to the committee alternately as a “kangaroo court,” a “witch hunt,” a “hoax,” and “propaganda.”


While she’s been thoroughly obsessed with the committee and its work, Cheney is seemingly one of few on an island.

Politico correspondent Betsy Woodruff Swan revealed recently that at least two Democrat lawmakers speaking with her privately have admitted: “Nobody gives a bleep about January 6.”


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Faces Tough Sledding For Her Future

With just two weeks remaining before the August 16th primary for Wyoming’s at-large House seat, where she will face off against Harriet Hageman, a Wyoming attorney who has the backing of former President Donald Trump, things aren’t looking good for Cheney.

A new poll has her trailing Hageman by over 20 points.


All this, despite Cheney practically begging for help from Democrat voters to carry her across the finish line.

Never one to be held down for long, Cheney may have other irons on the political fire in the future.

Just last week she told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she was keeping her options open regarding a decision on running for president in 2024 and that she’d commit one way or the other “down the road.”


Tapper asked the Wyoming congresswoman if she was “willing to run for President to try and stop” Trump.

“At this point, I have not made a decision about 2024,” Cheney replied. “I’ll make a decision on 2024 down the road.”

To echo the Wyoming voter above – Hell no.

Cheney right now contends she is more focused on her work with the select committee, something she believes is “the single most important thing I’ve ever done professionally.”

Delusion isn’t the greatest platform for a congressional or presidential campaign it turns out.

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