If You Thought Fox’s 1/6 Hearing Coverage Was Bad, Look At What John Oliver Found On OAN

As John Oliver discovered, Fox News didn’t show the 1/6 Committee hearing but they managed to be outdone by OAN.


Oliver said, “The House committee investigating January 6th held its first primetime hearing prompting a crisis for conservative media. Fox News opted not to air it all. OAN went one step better airing a tribute to Trump instead featuring this exquisite transition to commercials, ‘You have inspired countless millions, and shown our nation what it truly means to make America great again. For One America News, I’m Pearson Sharp. Generic Viagra delivered within 48 hours in discreet packaging upon approval.’”

There is nothing better than a tribute to Trump sponsored by generic Viagra. It is the perfect sponsor for a tribute to a limp, off-brand presidency, that could never deliver.

Even Fox News wouldn’t dare to air a tribute to Trump during the 1/6 Committee hearing. OAN’s choice is a reminder that no matter how bad Fox News gets, there are plenty of options in conservative media that

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