Inside Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Relationship as Parents of Two

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s private romantic relationship is thriving, a source wants Entertainment Tonight and the public to know. The source spoke at length about their dynamic just four months after they welcomed their second child, their son whose new name is yet to be revealed, in February.

The source used a superlative to describe the state of Jenner and Scott’s union. “Things between Kylie and Travis are the best it’s ever been,” the source said. “They have the parenting thing down together and are more in love than ever before. Having two children together has brought them even closer, as parents and as a couple.”

Scott has been very present, the source added: “Kylie was super prepared to be a mom of two, and it’s been extremely helpful to have Travis around and have him be so hands-on. Travis’ involvement has really taken a lot of pressure off of her adjustment period. They have a system down and keep to their routines. They always make personal time for each other and ensure that they do family outings regularly.”

They also balance work and family life, the source noted: “When it comes time for work, they balance things perfectly and have an understanding that though they have work engagements to tend to, family always comes first, but when they do have a work commitment, they take it seriously.”

Entertainment Tonight‘s source dispatch comes shortly after a source told Us Weekly last week that engagement was a possibility for Scott and Jenner, who have been on-off dating since April 2017.

While they’re “super private” when it comes to the idea of getting engaged, the source said, they have “swerved the topic for years [and have] not ruled it out.”

“The priority has been about taking care of the kids,” the source detailed. “Keeping things between themselves calm and chilled and setting up boundaries that will give them the best chance of staying together in the long term.”

Jenner herself “goes back and forth about engagement and marriage. She does like her independence but can’t imagine herself long term with anyone other than Travis.”

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