Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren’s Favorite Moisturizer Is On Sale

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  • Jane Fonda’s go-to moisturizer for hydrated skin and a radiant complexion at 84 is on sale now.
  • The L’Oréal Paris Skincare Age Perfect Rosy Tone Face Moisturizer is currently 51% off on Amazon and retails for less than $15.
  • Helen Mirren also loves the moisturizer and used it to prepare for the recent SAG awards.

    Jane Fonda’s youthful glow and smooth skin continue to leave us speechless (well, that along with her acting prowess and activism). We’ve been stocking our shelves with her favorite skincare products for a while now, so when we see one of her go-to’s on sale, we get a bit excited. Lucky for us, L’Oréal Paris Skincare Age Perfect Rosy Tone Face Moisturizer, one of the 84-year-old’s “current favorites,” is 51% off right now on Amazon.

    Age Perfect Rosy Tone Face Moisturizer

    Fonda previously told Glamour that hydration was the key to keeping her skin youthful and fresh every day, and that L’Oréal Paris Skincare Age Perfect Rosy Tone Face Moisturizer was one of her “current favorites” when it comes to moisturizers.

    “It’s just about keeping my skin from being dry,” she said in the interview. “As I’ve gotten older, my skin and hair have become even drier. So keeping moisturized and protected with sunscreen is pretty important.”

    And she’s not the only one who classifies the moisturizer as a favorite. We love it so much, that we named it one of the best face moisturizers for dry skin in 2022. And Helen Mirren used this exact product to achieve a radiant look at the SAG awards, and she, like Fonda, is one of the brand’s beauty ambassadors.

    The moisturizer’s ingredient list packs a punch, including imperial peony, which is enhanced with rosy pigments to give skin a slightly pink hue, LHA (lipohydroxy acid) to exfoliate dull skin and stimulate surface cell renewal for fresh skin every day, and salicylic acid for treating uneven skin and signs of aging. It’s non-greasy and leaves skin feeling hydrated, healthier, and ultra-smooth.

    One reviewer raved, “This is a wonderful moisturizer for an older woman. I’m 77 and my skin is pretty good for my age but quite pale. This was just the thing that it needed.” Another wrote, “I couldn’t be happier with this product. The healthy look I get with this product is amazing on my 79-year-old face.”

    If you want to stock up on more of Fonda’s skincare picks for a youthful and radiant glow, check out some of her must-haves below.

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