JD Vance Humiliates Himself In The Ohio Senate Race By Admitting He Doesn’t Know What’s In The PACT Act

JD Vance wants to represent Ohio in the US Senate, but he admitted when asked that he hasn’t been following the PACT Act, and he doesn’t know what is in it.

Here is the full quote from Vance:

JD Vance Is Showing Ohio Voters That He Doesn’t Care

In multiple interviews, Vance continues to repeat the assumption that once his campaign starts running television ads linking his Democratic opponent Rep. Tim Ryan to President Biden, Ryan’s lead will evaporate.

The issue is that while Vance is spending most of his time at home in San Francisco, Rep. Ryan has been campaigning throughout Ohio.

Vance doesn’t seem to care enough about the job to be up to date on current issues in the Senate, like the PACT Act.

On top of his disinterest in the issues, Vance told women to stay in violent marriages.

JD Vance is acting like he is entitled to the Senate seat in Ohio, and his humiliating answer on the PACT Act is evidence of why voters should reject him.

If Vance is too lazy to do the basics of campaigning, the Ohio voters should send him back to California.

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