John Dean Blows A Giant Hole In The Republican Complaints About The 1/6 Committee

John Dean pointed out that witnesses who are testifying in front of the 1/6 Committee on Monday are Republicans, a fact that destroys the GOP’s witchhunt claims.

Video of John Dean:

Dean told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

We actually know most of what these people have testified to or will testify to, because they either have stated it publically or they’ve actually testified over in the Senate in some preliminary proceedings over there, that aren’t quite the same focus as the January 6th committee. 

So this is a strong, Republican-based witness list. This is not a bunch of Democrats speculating about what happened in the vote. These are Republicans who know what happened. So that’s why — that’s going to add power to the fact that this isn’t a partisan witch hunt, which is Trump’s principal defense, it seems.

Republicans like Rep. Jim Jordan and Donald Trump have been complaining that the 1/6 Committee is a witchhunt, but Dean was correct. The witnesses that the American people are hearing from are mostly Republicans. All of Monday’s witnesses are Republicans, which means that there is no partisan witchhunt. The 1/6 Committee is conducting a serious investigation into the events surrounding and during 1/6.

John Dean blew a hole in the primary Republican complaint about the hearings, as the GOP is running out of excuses and getting hammered with the truth.

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