John Fetterman Is Blowing Out Oz As He Leads 52%-38% In Nonpartisan Poll

A new nonpartisan poll of the Pennsylvania US Senate election finds Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) leading Mehmet Oz (R) 52-38%.

The poll from the Center Street PAC shows good news everywhere for Fetterman:

Fetterman’s likability creates a significant advantage. Forty-six percent of Pennsylvania voters have a favorable view of Fetterman, compared to Oz’s mere 26%. By contrast, 53% of voters have an unfavorable view of Oz, compared to Fetterman’s 32%.


“It’s not just that Pennsylvania voters prefer Fetterman. Despite almost all of them knowing who Dr. Oz is, they don’t like him,” says Center Street Co-Founder Jacob Perry. “With those numbers, it’s hard to see where Oz could pick up votes, particularly against an equally well known opponent with such strong Favorability.”

The numbers are striking across the board. The Republican effort to attach Fetterman to Bernie Sanders has flopped as 83% of Biden voters support Fetterman, but just 63% of Trump voters in Pennsylvania support Oz. Among 2020 voters in Pennsylvania, Fetterman leads 50%-33%. In order for Oz to pull even, he would have to gain the votes of every undecided voter in the poll. Fetterman leads with Independent voters 44%-19%. With 2020 voters, Fetterman leads 50%-33%.

The Early Numbers Suggest A Blowout Is Building In Pennsylvania

As PoliticusUSA has been telling readers for months, John Fetterman is extremely personally popular in Pennsylvania. The fact that he got what amounted to a dream matchup with Oz is the fault of Donald Trump. If Fetterman wins, Pennsylvania will go down as an example of how Trump killed the red wave and likely cost Republicans a chance to take back the Senate majority.

John Fetterman would have been difficult for any Republican to defeat in Pennsylvania, but an unpopular carpetbagger like Oz may have no chance of winning in November if these numbers continue to hold.


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