Kellyanne Conway’s Book Sells Just 25,000 Copies In Massive Flop

Kellyanne Conway sold a meager 25,000 copies of her memoir and is expected to do worse in week two.

The Daily Beast noted, “Former 2016 Donald Trump campaign manager and longtime adviser Kellyanne Conway has sold 25,003 copies of her new memoir since its May 24 release. According to records collected by NPD Book Scan.”

Conway is boasting that the book is a bestseller, which is technically true as it is number on the memoir best seller list. At 25,000 copies sold, Conway is far short of the millions of books sold by Mary Trump in her first week, but on the other side of the coin, she has already sold tens of thousands more books than Megan McCain’s memoir.

There is no market for Kellyanne Conway. The former Trump handler went on corporate media and is doing a book tour, and people don’t seem to be interested. Political books have shown that they can be big sellers, but Conway’s book offered little in terms of new information. Her book appears to be more alternative facts, and it seems that the vast majority of Americans got their fill of her during the four years of the Trump administration.


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