Kim Kardashian on How She Started Dating Pete Davidson

The Kardashians’ Hulu reality series has finally reached the point where Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s romance began—and as promised, Kardashian did speak on camera about how the two got together. It was initially just a hookup situation she sought that became something more.

As she told it, via Entertainment Tonight, Kardashian’s interest was piqued after her and Davidson’s on-screen Saturday Night Live sketch kiss. “It was just a vibe,” she started in a confessional. “I was like, ‘Oh shit, maybe I just need to try something different.’”

Davidson wasn’t at her after party, so she took steps to pursue him. “Pete does not come to my after-party. Everyone was at my after-party! [He] does not give me the time of day. I called the producer at SNL and I was like, ‘Hey, do you have Pete’s number?’ They were like, ‘Yeah!’ And I text him.”

“I wasn’t even thinking, like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to be in a relationship with him,’” she continued. “I was just thinking, ‘Heard about this BDE [big dick energy, which Davidson went viral for in 2018], need to get out there.’ I was just basically DTF [down to f*ck].”

During a conversation with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian in the episode, Kardashian implied Davidson was an extremely impressive performer. “When I turned 40, everyone said it’s the best sex of your life. And so far…” Kardashian trailed off and winked, per Entertainment Tonight.

kim kardashian and pete davidson in london on may 30, 2022

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in London on May 30, 2022

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Kardashian had more kind things to say about Davidson during a confessional in the episode.

“Pete has got to be literally the best human being I’ve ever met,” she said. “The best heart. People always say, ‘He’s so funny,’ and it has to do with how funny he is. That’s, like, fourth on my list on why I like him. [He] always wants the best for people, can handle anything, always does it with grace. He’s really, really thoughtful and humble and genuine. I would say the perfect word to describe Pete is genuine.”

Kardashian added that she kept their relationship quiet because she wanted to make sure it was going to last first. “Honestly, I just feel like I wanted to really make sure and not just be so, ‘Oh my god, I just met someone and I’m having fun,’ and just, like, start talking about it on a show and then if we weren’t talking months later I’d be, like, an idiot or a whore. Either one.”

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