Lindsey Graham slammed over clueless idea to hire vets to protect schools from mass shootings

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Lindsey ended this short tirade, probably needing something to wash down that yap full of caviar, to write: “Schools should be treated like courthouses, banks, capital buildings, etc when it comes to security.” It is a ton of manure to wade through in so few words, I’ll give him that.

But do not be fooled. Sen. Graham’s version of the “soft-target” myth is simply a soft-power version of Rep. Thomas Massie’s gun-fetish fantasy of turning schoolyards into open carry spaces. It is an absurd idea, proven to not only be ineffective, but to in fact breed the kind of gun violence the country desperately needs to end. The responses to Graham’s weak-sauce were predictable. Here’s a post pointing out the absurdity of this “common sense” take.


To the more sci-fi version of absurdity.


But let’s take a moment to really consider what Sen. Graham is proposing.

I need more analysis.


“Capitol buildings,” Lindsey? Really? How about disgraced Republican former State Rep. Mike Nearman of Oregon who was expelled for conspiring to allow armed protesters into the Capitol building on Dec. 21, 2020?

Are there budgetary concerns about this from the political party that hates spending money on “entitlements” like public education?


Let’s open a discussion with this ancient bit of backward wisdom Mr. Graham is offering.

Here’s a reminder to Lindsey of how active shooter training works.

And finally, the proof of what banning guns, most especially from the “good people with guns” category, affords groups of people.

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