Marco Rubio Doesn’t Distance Himself from Proud Boys Running the Miami-Dade GOP Executive Committee

The Select Committee has hard evidence tying the Proud Boys to the planning and coordination of the January 6th attack with Oath Keepers, who have already been charged with Seditious Conspiracy. Ahead of the first Select Committee hearing, Proud Boy leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio and four of his top “commanders” were arrested and charged with seditious conspiracy, the most serious charge associated with January 6th yet. The Proud Boys have strong ties to Roger Stone, but as of now, the Committee has no evidence tying Stone to January 6th. It is yet to be seen whether the Committee has evidence tying the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to Peter Navarro’s “Green Bay Sweep,” widely believed to be “the” conspiracy tying Trump to the insurrection.

So one would think that the current GOP politicians would be fairly skittish about open Proud Boy control of the party apparatus itself, as is happening in the Miami-Dade Executive GOP Committee. But Marco Rubio doesn’t find it bothersome to directly address or separate himself from. From Miami’s Channel 10:

A former Republican lawmaker is calling for a former Republican senator and Miami-Dade Commissioner to take action to remove members of the far-right group Proud Boys from the Miami-Dade GOP Executive Committee.

Seven current or former Proud Boys are members of the Miami-Dade GOP Executive Committee. Republican Senator Marco Rubio was at a joint appearance with Republican Senator Rick Scott in Doral Friday. We asked Rubio if he was OK with Proud Boys serving on the Miami-Dade GOP committee.

“Well, when you ask me about the Communists and Socialists that are part of the local Democratic party, then we can talk about members of the Republican party,” he said.

It is too bad that Rubio didn’t face a follow-up question regarding the fact that Rubio calling Democrats socialists and communists doesn’t make them socialists and communists, nor have any socialists or communists been charged with sedition and violently attacking the United States Capitol in what looks like a coordinated attack to violently retain the presidency.

The bottom line is that the GOP  – or at least Marco Rubio – isn’t in a place to publicly dismiss the Proud Boys or effectively separate himself from people who have already shown to be violent and a threat to democracy.

No, Rubio’s response is, “Look over there!” There’s no “there,” there. But there are Proud Boys right there in Miami Dade, and they run the dump.

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