Marjorie Taylor Greene Tried To Use David Hogg To Go Viral And It Did Not Go Well

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tried to use David Hogg to go viral and fearmonger about guns, but it did not go well for her.

The exchange on Twitter:

Hogg saw right through Greene. The Georgia congresswoman is only interested in gathering attention for herself and fundraising. Greene is one of the members of Congress who has been called out by her fellow Republicans for only caring about being a celebrity while holding office.

David Hogg wasn’t about to be a player in her latest publicity stunt.

There is no doubt that Hogg would meet with Greene if she were serious about passing legislation that would stop kids from getting shot in school, but Rep. Greene’s tweet was a plea for attention.

The fundraising email almost writes itself for Greene.

March For Our Lives is planning over 300 marches across the country, including in Washington, DC on June 11 to renew the call for common-sense laws to help stop the mass shooting madness.

Rep. Greene is not a serious person, and David Hogg is right not to waste his time with her.

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