Miami GOP embraces Jan. 6 seditionists; Biden wipes $5.8 billion of student debt

There was once a time where “indicted rioters who sought to topple United States democracy should probably not be embraced by the Republican party and appointed to top committee seats” would be a noncontroversial statement, but that was before the party embraced the overthrow of democracy as central movement demand.

As the Biden administration ponders how aggressively it should confront the student loan crisis (which more accurately might be called the grifting college crisis), at least some students will be seeing full relief. The administration announced that the federal government will erase all of the nearly $6 billion in student debt incurred by those defrauded by the now-defunct Corinthian Colleges. Republican states are already rushing to take new action in the wake of the latest mass murder of American children in their school classrooms, but it’s not to restrict guns: It’s to put more of them in schools. In Missouri, a far-right group is targeting schools of its own, supposedly for unauthorized “wokeness.”

And in Miami, we learn that the Miami-Dade Republican Party has multiple Republicans affiliated with the far-right pro-violence group “Proud Boys” on their party’s executive committee. That includes two members currently under indictment for participating in the violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, an attack intended to force Congress to nullify the U.S. presidential election and (somehow) declare Donald Trump the winner.

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