Rachel Maddow Explains Why Seditious Conspiracy Charges Are A Bad Sign For The Right

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said that the DOJ is hardwired not to bring seditious conspiracy charges unless they think they’ve got it nailed.


Maddow said:

 Both related to the January 6th violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, to try to overthrow the U.S. Government, to try to prevent President Biden from taking office, the fact the Justice Department prosecutors have brought these cases, knowing the history of how difficult it is to secure a conviction in cases like this, the fact that they have brought these cases against two different groups over the course of six months, implies a certain confidence on the part of the Justice Department about what a good case they’ve got. I really do think that by the Justice Department’s own history, prosecutors are sort of hardwired not to use these particular charges unless they really feel like they’ve got it dead to rights. Now they’ve done it, they did in January, they did it again today. And this dramatic decision by the Justice Department comes that what is turning out to be a very dramatic time, right?

Maddow was correct. The Justice Department would bring these cases if they didn’t believe that they could secure convictions. The Republican Party has become the home of right-wing domestic terror cells.

The big remaining shoe to drop is whether or not either of these groups had contact with Republicans in Congress or the Trump White House.

The thing about conspiracy cases is that they can expand as new evidence is uncovered. Republicans should be very nervous about the seditious conspiracy cases because there could be more coming down the road, and they might be next.

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