Reffitt sentenced; appeals court allows prosecution of Michigan abortion providers

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Reffitt attacked police lines outside the Capitol and vowed to drag Trump’s enemies out of the building by force.

The first Jan. 6 insurrectionist to stand trial has now received his sentence, as a federal judge hands down 87 months of prison time for militia recruiter Guy Reffitt, who traveled to Washington, D.C., for the insurrection with multiple guns. Fellow aspirational election-nullifier Sen. Lindsey Graham, meanwhile, continues his vigorous attempt to avoid testifying about his own actions in a Georgia criminal case launched after pro-Trump officials attempted to goad state elections officials into changing their election tallies.

Elsewhere, an appeals court has given the go-ahead for Michigan county prosecutors (that is, the Republican ones)¬†to begin filing charges against abortion providers¬†in accordance with a nearly century-old law that remained on Michigan’s books even after Roe codified, for a while, a federal right to seek abortions. Oklahoma remains just, just terrible. And whatever happens in the Arizona Republican primaries tomorrow, we can be absolutely positive that the losing Republicans won’t be respecting the outcome. That’s their whole brand, after all.

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