Remarkable Tech – Gabb Wireless Announces Gabb Music

Gabb Company Announces: Gabb Music uses advanced AI filtration to curate the first truly safe music streaming platform for kids alongside the suite of new hardware to jam out with, including the Gabb Phone Plus from Samsung.

Gabb Wireless Announces Gabb Music

The Gabb Phone Company is truly a remarkable piece of technology, and we love it. No tech company is complete without knowing what the incredible Gabb company has come up with for kids. Talk about understanding your audience and building a CRM correctly.

Providing Safe Tech for kids — Gabb Wireless

Quoting from the Business Wire — first to publish the Gabb Wireless announcement Wednesday — June 1, 2022

LEHI, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gabb Wireless, the leading company in providing safe tech for kids, is launching Gabb Music, a new music streaming service believed to be the largest, clean music library curated specifically for kids. Gabb Music includes songs by popular artists from nearly every era and genre – without any swearing, innuendo or drug references. To help kids best enjoy Gabb Music, the company is also launching a suite of new hardware including the world’s safest cell phone for kids Gabb Phone Plus from Samsung, as well as wireless earbuds and speakers Gabb Buds and Gabb Blast. As the latest expansion of Gabb’s many upcoming safe tech solutions, Gabb Music will help families turn up their summer with peace of mind and lots of fun.

Listening to the Clarion Call of Gabb Kids and Their Parents

Gabb listens to what your kids want on their Gabb phones and works to develop the first-of-its-kind process to get you what you want. Gabb took its tech and built safe tech from the ground up — and did it with the ability to stream music.

On Wednesday (June 1st, 2022), the launch of gabbMusic showed a radio-style streaming service for kids who want to pick a music mix or specialty music. Powered by Tuned Global — this is a white label solution.

Gabb Music will be rolling out exclusively on the Gabb Phone and Gabb Phone Plus, with a free 30-day trial for new and existing customers. Once the trial expires, a Gabb Music subscription will be $4.99/month. Gabb Music will become available to all existing Gabb Phone customers over the next few weeks.

Gabb Music has Partnered With Record Labels for Remarkable Tech

Gabb Wireless is partnering with some of the world’s most prominent record labels and will offer a curated library of songs from all genres and times. Gabb is scanning millions of songs using industry-leading tools such as Tuned Global’s music catalog delivery system. Other help has come from LyricIQ.

I haven’t looked at the Gabb offering for a while, but my kids all have Gabb phones, and Gabb watches. Now you can find Gabb Buds that are low-profile(earbuds in three sizes) and a Gabb Blast Speaker. Hop on the Gabb Wireless Site and look at the Gabb Music offerings. Here are just a few, and you can listen to them live right on the site.

Gabb Wireless Music
Gabb Wireless Music

How Will You Protect YOUR Kids?

We all know that our streaming services provide what we want — and we love it. But you may have been like me, and you’re belting out a song and suddenly cringe realizing what you’ve just been singing — inappropriate lyrics — with the kids in the car.

Everyone in technology doesn’t have kids at this point in their lives — but I hear from the Millennials — as they are beginning to have children — they want kids protected better. Other generations haven’t had to forward-think about “protection” for their kids. The issues that are faced nowadays just didn’t exist before.

Millennials are taking charge of protecting air, water, and food and carefully watching the care of the Earth. Previous generations have not had to have this laser focus. Well, I want to be more conscious of what is happening to all of us at this time in history. The Gabb Company has taken a refreshing stand to help raise the world’s future children.

An actual dad — worried about his own kids on the internet — came up with the idea for Gabb Wireless and built out the concept. Amazing! So now we all get to benefit from this remarkable tech.


It was impressive this week to witness people — and many companies — coming together and actually caring about the next generation’s well-being. Better yet, I’ve seen this Gabb Wireless Company putting time and money into making good things happen for kids.

The Gabb people are putting their money where their mouth is. So hop on the Gabb Wireless Company Blog and find answers and help for many of your questions about how to help your family.

Thank you for your work, Gabb.

Inner Image Credit: Taken from the Gabb Wireless site.

Top Image Credit: by Jonas Mohammadi; Pexels; Thank you.

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