Republican Accountability Project Issues Stunning Video Ahead of Hearings: ‘187 Minutes to Respond’

“A lie drove the attack, now it is time to learn the truth.”

In what functions as a network promo for the upcoming primetime hearings, the first of which begins tomorrow night, Thursday June 9th, a new and highly compelling video from the Republican Accountability Project, a never-Trumper organization (quite obviously) pounds the seriousness of the need for all Americans to learn the truth.

Three critical themes drive the video in the perfect order.

First, in an element that has almost been forgotten amongst the compelling evidence as to Trump’s pressure on Mike Pence and Pence sensing a coup, the “Green Bay Sweep” as Peter Navarro called it, the video goes back to Trump’s initial speech on the morning of January 6th, when Trump told a crowd that they have to “fight like hell.” In the time since, as only Trump would do, Trump has complained that no one has focused on the size of the crowd. It might’ve been the biggest crowd he’s ever spoken to – as Trump has said, and he urged each listener to go to the Capitol and fight like hell.

For those of us whose memories have fogged over the clarity of Trump’s message, the video refreshes us with added urgency.

Next, with a clock ticking in the background, the video notes that the crowd did “fight like hell,” with dramatic scenes of chaos and violence. The video of the attack phases into a staged picture of the back of Trump’s head, watching television, clock ticking, “187 minutes to respond.” The video doesn’t even need to ask the logical follow-up; “Why?”

And it ends on a perfect note. The entire matter, from Ginni Thomas’s text to Mark Meadows about alternative electors – proving that the idea had been tossed around even prior to the election – all the way through Pence pounding the gavel and saying “let’s get back to work,” all of it, was premised on a lie, the lie that Trump won the election.

The video asks Americans to watch the hearings to finally learn the truth. It is almost as compelling as it is needed.

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