Republicans Are Sick Of Trump And Want Him To Shut Up

Republicans have grown tired of Donald Trump and are increasingly voicing their frustration and wishing he would keep quiet.

Republicans Are Finally Sick Of Trump

Via: NBC News:

They’re tired of looking backward at 2020. They’re tired of playing the fealty game. They’re tired of him claiming credit for their victories.

And according to more than a dozen battleground state Republican party officials, analysts and rank-and-file GOP members, they’re tired of the chaos he unleashes in their elections.

Above all, they dread the turmoil he threatens to inject this fall with his penchant for prizing unswerving loyalty to him over electability.

“I wish Trump would sit down and keep quiet. I think the country’s had enough of him,” said Perry DiLoreto, a prominent Nevada businessman and longtime GOP donor who backed Trump in 2016 and 2020.

If Republicans Lose In November, That Could Be The Beginning Of The End For Trump

Suppose Republicans fail to take back the Senate and lose elections they thought they could win, like the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election. In that case, it will be because Donald Trump got unelectable candidates nominated.

Republicans seem to be finally realizing that Donald Trump views their party as his, and its only purpose is to serve his interests.

Many stories have been written about Trump losing his grip on the Republican Party, and while that grip is weakening, it will take election losses to push the party away from Trump.

After Trump’s revenge slate of candidates got wiped out in Georgia, Republicans realized that Trump is a liability, but as long as the GOP continues to serve as his primary source of income, Trump will not leave without a fight.

The 2022 election is make or break for Donald Trump.

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