Republicans vow to block gun laws after Uvalde; Supreme Court corruption

From ‘door control’ to ‘more guards,’ Republicans are looking to again block gun reforms by focusing attention on literally anything else.

Since the Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York murders, mass shootings have continued at the usual pace in America with new versions popping up nearly every day. Also as usual, the rifles used to kill children are seeing skyrocketing sales as gun fans and other buyers seek out those particular models.

Republican lawmakers, including those who backed an attempted coup, continue to vow to block any meaningful action to make it more difficult for the plotters of such crimes to purchase their guns. There is no longer any concern about being seen as corrupt or indifferent, after backing even violent coup. The only concern is sating a party base that has been convinced, by their own leaders and pundits, that hard-right control over government is more important than even our democracy itself.

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