Ron DeSantis To Veto Tampa Bay Rays Funding Because They Oppose Shooting Children

Gov. Ron DeSantis is threatening to veto state funding for a Tampa Bay Rays facility because they spoke out against the massacre of children in Uvalde.

The Rays baseball team has been using its platforms to speak out against gun violence. The team has not called for a gun ban or taken a political position beyond saying that America has a gun violence problem and trying to educate their fan base on the issue while calling for action.


The fact that the Rays won’t support the killing of elementary school kids was apparently too much for DeSantis.

Republicans have become the potential mass shooter’s best friend.

The GOP does not want to do anything to combat or reduce mass shootings.

Gov. DeSantis is trying to punish anyone who thinks that people dying in mass shootings is not a good thing.

The Republican Party has become the pro-gun violence party, and Ron DeSantis looks like he is trying to lock up the critical mass shooter voting group in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

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