Russia declares itself an imperial power, while tankies still blame U.S.

Ukrainian tankers, which is totally different than tankies.

Remember the tankies? Quick recap: Tankies believe that all the world’s evils are the product of imperialism and the only country capable of imperialism is the United States. They count among their number such luminaries as Glenn Greenwald and Noam Chomsky. 


Other high-profile tankies include Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard, Max Blumenthal, and Oliver Stone. Most of these where on “our” side when the topic was American imperialism in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they never escaped the idea that “America is bad,” even when Russia is the actual aggressor today. Yes, it’s true—our country can sometimes do the right thing! 

So let’s check in with the Tankies see what they’re up to recently. 


Weird that an alliance based in Europe, a result of a World War that killed 40-50 million people, and designed to counter the Soviet Union, would be white countries. But wait, is Turkey a white country? It has the second largest army in the alliance. What about Albania, with its 61% Muslim population?

Then there’s Russia, which spans 11 time zones. You want white supremacy? How about a country that sends its ethnically Asian soldiers to die, while sparing white ethnic Russians in Moscow and St. Petersburg? But sure, NATO is the problem. 

One could argue that Ukraine gets a disproportionate amount of attention and assistance compared to wars in Africa or Asia (like Myanmar). I’m even sympathetic to some of those argument, as I myself focus nearly exclusively on Ukraine, to the exclusion of those other conflicts. But that’s not this argument. 

It’s always the U.S.’ fault. Always. 

Yeah, Putin and his fascist ilk hate the new all-inclusive pride flag too. This isn’t my house, but I also fly both of those. If that’s “the current thing,” then good.  


Tankies don’t just take Russia’s side in their genocidal war of conquest. China gets a pass as well. Of course, if someone points out that these Tiananmen Square protests were brutally suppressed, with up to thousands killed inside the square, they’d accuse you of lying;


Indeed, there is a whole tankie effort to discredit evidence of the Chinese genocide of Uyghur people. More here. The argument goes like this: 


Here at home, tankies want the systemic destruction of the United States, so that their dreamed-of nirvana can finally be ushered in. 


It’s no surprise that the tankie advocating for “a 4 year bath of pain” is a white dude—the kind of person least likely to suffer pain under fascist Republican control. And not sure what these people think would happen if Republicans got their hands on the entire electoral and judicial apparatus. Maybe they should pay more attention to the January 6 commission hearings. 

Tankies are a worldwide phenomenon. 


Remember, no one has agency, just the United States. Everyone else does its bidding. It can’t be that Lithuania has real historical issues with a colonial power that murdered and subjugated its people. The United States literally has nothing better to do than to order its supposed puppet colony to remodel a public square?

Of course, these same people are nowhere to be found when Russia literally proclaims itself a colonial power. . 


Russia isn’t just proclaiming itself a colonial power, it is claiming the right to erase the history of any other country not at its level. So Lithuania’s history is Soviet history, and if Lithuania decides otherwise by reclaiming its own voice, then Russia threatens violence and invasion.

And of course, the tankies blame the U.S. 

This about sums it up: 

Meanwhile, for the latest updates on battlefield movements, this thread covers it well:


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