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Disappear into the ether for a minute, Scorpio—or make that about three weeks. While the Sun slides through Gemini and your private, intimate eighth house until June 21, you may crave a little time off the grid. Don’t worry: You’ll be plenty busy with a super-detailed project or perhaps in the throes of a passionate pre-summer affair. 

With expansive Jupiter in Aries and your orderly, analytical sixth house for the first full month, you could be busy getting your life (and health) in shape. A fun summer of fitness and clean eating adventures awaits if you think outside the box.

Midmonth, the June 14 full Sagittarius supermoon could bring an exciting money moment. You might pivot on your professional path, perhaps in reaction to a lucrative opportunity. Ready to shed a bad habit? The full moon is quitting day!

You’ll emerge from your cocoon on June 21, when summer and Cancer season begin. With el Sol in your ninth house of travel and growth for a month, book that beach vacation, sign up for a life-changing retreat or set aside time for a visionary project. 

Two of the slow-moving outer planets will begin retrograde (backward) journeys this month, which could press pause on some personal life matters. On June 4, structured Saturn will make a U-turn in Aquarius and your fourth house of home and family. Plans to move, get pregnant or embark on a renovation could be delayed. You may also need to double down on self-care or do some inner work to fortify your emotional foundation.

On June 28, hazy Neptune will turn retrograde in Pisces and your amorous fifth house. A blossoming romance could hit a speed bump between now and early December. You may find yourself a bit less enamored with a certain someone’s charms. Neptune’s about-face can spark indecisiveness, even wishy-washy behavior or cold feet. Check those DMs, Scorpio: A person from your past could track you down, and with fantasy-spinner Neptune here, don’t be surprised if sparks fly after all this time!

Gemini season is intense—and you kind of like it

Cocoon yourself a way for a spell, Scorpio. The Sun is making its annual tour through Gemini and your private, reflective eighth house until June 21. Scorpio is the luminary landlord of this horoscope sector, so you’re right in the zone. The vibes are ideal for focusing on a detailed project, digging into the nitty-gritty details as only a Scorpio can. Whether you’re plotting the launch of a business empire or processing heavy emotions, you have a case of tunnel vision now—so roll with it. Filter out distractions and lean in to your obsession du jour. Keep your schedule light so you can burn the midnight oil—or whatever you feel like lighting, really. During this mystical month, it could be a bundle of sage or some carved candles. 

The eighth house rules financial, emotional and sexual merging. You might field a joint venture offer or consider partnering up with people whose skills complement yours. Do you need a savvy developer to help you mint your NFT collection or an investor for your world-bettering startup? Book a few power meetings. A romantic relationship could shift into permanent status, and coupled Scorpios will crave more private time to reconnect with a partner—mind, soul and (especially) body.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius June 4-October 23

Is it time to rethink your living situation, Scorpio? When future-minded Saturn starts its annual five-month reversal on June 4, you could get serious about buying or selling property, moving in with someone or hunting for a new address. Saturn will be retrograde in Aquarius and your domestic sector, turning your attention to family matters, the roof over your head and your emotional foundation. Are there structural repairs or important changes needed? Between now and October 23, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and address them.

With sobering Saturn in reverse, take your time and make sure you’re making the most responsible long-term choices. If you dream of a light-filled loft with soaring ceilings but can only afford a diminutive studio, it might be better to save up than settle. Challenges could arise with a family member or an important woman in your life, possibly your mother or a colleague. Maybe her support isn’t as readily available as usual or you need a little separation period. Saturn retrograde can pile on weighty responsibilities, such as caring for an elderly family member or letting a struggling loved one temporarily move in with you. But Saturn also rules boundaries, so ensure that you’re not overriding yours to play the caretaker role. Every Scorpio needs space, no apologies necessary!

The fourth house rules motherhood, and, for some Scorpios, Saturn’s slowdown could make everything from conception to parenting a bit more challenging. If you’re trying for a baby, take a step back and make sure your life is set up for this change. Already raising a kid: You may need to provide more consistency for them, which can make your wings feel clipped. Maybe it’s time to delegate some of the childcare. While someone else may not do it to your exacting standards, for sanity’s sake, let go a little. If you’re preventing your kid from growing up by doing everything for him, take a deep breath and let him struggle a little without rushing in for the save.

The June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon brings money and success

The June 14 Sagittarius full moon will spotlight your second house of work and money. If you’ve been toiling away toward a goal, you could finally get your payout! Look back to the December 4, 2021, Sagittarius new moon, which was a powerful solar eclipse, for clues. 

Thinking of asking for a raise or promotion? This is the time to do it.If you’ve been pondering leaving your job (hello, Great Resignation) or even looking for a new position or project in your company, you’ll have abundant celestial support today.

These moonbeams light the way for you to make a change. Summon the spirit of adventure, Scorpio. Since last month’s total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 16, you’ve been dropped onto a brand-new path and there’s no turning back. Now, a month later, you can start to build upon some of the inspired visions stirred up by that eclipse in your sign.

Cancer season (June 21) and the June 28 Cancer new moon

Inspiration returns full force on June 21, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Cancer and your expansive ninth house. If you don’t have any summer vacation plans on the books, start mapping them now! The ninth house also rules learning and metaphysical study, making the next four weeks a great time to enroll in a workshop or try something that broadens your horizons.

The June 28 Cancer new moon brings a surge of visionary vibes, helping you see the big picture and get psyched about your mission. Map out some bold steps you could take between now and January 2023. Launch a business? Take a bike tour across a couple U.S. states? Exploring the powers of plant medicine or a metaphysical topic? Dream as big as you want, then follow up with action. Sometimes a leap of faith is all you need to create a brilliant new perspective on life. 

Unlike the full moon earlier this month, which was a supermoon, this one is a “micro-moon.” This effect occurs when a new or full moon connects with the point in the moon’s orbit that’s farthest from the Earth (called apogee), making it appear smaller from our vantage point here. That doesn’t mean the distant moon won’t work its magic—and we can’t see the new moon anyhow—but it may not be quite as impactful as a supermoon, which occurs when la luna is at the CLOSEST point (perigee) to our planet.

Neptune turns retrograde June 28-December 3

Dodge the drama queens that pop out of the woodwork this summer. On June 28, foggy Neptune will turn retrograde (backward) in your provocative and passionate fifth house, making its annual five-month backspin and stirring up all kinds of intense feelings. Don’t be surprised if you’re more thin-skinned and quick to react defensively between now and early December.

With Neptune gone rogue in your romance sector, an ex could resurface, sending mixed signals. You may be the one getting cold feet about a love affair under fickle Neptune’s spell. Perhaps you’ve been idealizing someone and now see their human side a bit more. Nobody’s perfect, Scorpio (present company included), so work on finding fondness for their flaws—and your own. Neptune retrograde is also great for dusting off an old creative project or revisiting one of your passions that got put on the back burner.

Healthy is sexy! All month long, your co-ruler, frisky Mars, is galloping through passionate Aries and your wellness sector. Mars motivates you to focus on physical pursuits, like getting healthy and strong and treating your body like a temple. (Hey, it probably has its fair share of worshippers, so it’s an accurate description!) Eating well and working out are good for you on many levels: They also boost libido! 

Just keep an eye on your stress levels, which can spike without warning. Anxiety and micromanaging can flare when you feel out of control, but those never do much good for your relationships. Watch out for a critical streak, which you could be tempted to turn on both yourself and your partner.

Luckily, you have some help tempering that intensity from the other love planet, harmonizer Venus, who’s in tender Taurus and your partnership zone until June 22. This can fuel the desire to lock things down or sweeten your time together as a duo. If Mars starts a finger-pointing fight, Venus in Taurus will help you see things from the other person’s POV.

Summer lovin’ starts to sizzle on June 22, when Venus moves into Gemini and your erotic and intimate eighth house until July 17 and cranks up the sexy heat. This is a great time for talking about deeper emotions—but also for enjoying some white-hot summer seduction. Some Scorpios could decide to make things uber-official, broaching the idea of marriage, shared finances, babies or other permanent moves. 

Working harder—or smarter? With action planet Mars in Aries and your systematic sixth house all month, you’re fired up to get plans and protocols in place. Go-getter Mars in this administrative zone could inspire you to clear out the clutter, refresh valuable contracts and update your records, ensuring that everything is current. Get Team Scorpio into fighting shape with some new systems and projects. If you’re an army of one, see what you can delegate to a skilled specialist or a capable assistant.

While the Sun’s in Gemini until June 21, your mind’s on your long-term money moves. Gemini rules your eighth house of investments and joint ventures. Could you make your earnings work harder for you by funneling them into a few different places? Whether it’s crypto (time to buy low?), real estate or a hard asset like precious metals, explore the options or reach out to a financial adviser who comes recommended by friends or family.

Love Days: 18, 24

Money Days: 4, 13

Luck Days: 1, 11

Off Days: 20, 26, 9

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