Senators announce tentative deal on gun violence; public hearings on Jan. 6 continue

The deal would introduce ‘enhanced’ background checks for under-21 gun purchasers, but makes no effort to curb the sale of assault rifles themselves.

A group of Democratic and Republican senators have reached a tentative deal on a bill that would deal with the nation’s rampant gun violence problem, but there are two problems remaining. The first is that many in that group are already well-known for “negotiating” compromises that they themselves later back out of; the second is that the proposals for curbing gun violence pointedly dodge doing anything about the actual guns.

In the House, there will be more public testimony this week outlining the depth of the Trump team’s efforts to nullify an American election rather than acknowledge their loss. Last week’s disclosure that multiple Republican lawmakers sought Trump pardons for their own coup assistance, along with compelling footage highlighting the extent to which violent insurrectionists summoned to Trump’s Jan. 6 believed they were acting on Trump’s orders, were only the prelude to what is expected to be a detailed public accounting of the multiple criminal conspiracies inside and outside the Trump White House, all aimed at blocking the counting of votes and creating a situation in which Trump could use “emergency” powers to render the election moot.

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