Steve Bannon Hooks Peter Navarro Up With Chinese Money Man For His Legal Defense Fund

Steve Bannon hooked Peter Navarro up with his Chinese backer Miles Guo who is wanted in China for money laundering, kidnapping, bribery, fraud, and rape.

Video of Navarro at a Guo event:

Navarro said, “There was a faction inside the White House. I call it the globalist Wall Street transactionalist faction. People like Steve Mnuchin, Larry Kudlow, Gary Cohn before him. These are all Wall Street guys who leech off the workers of the world, and they fought to come up with a trade deal with China. I always argued from the get-go that it was a mistake that whatever they agreed to they would never fulfill. I turned out to be almost as good prophet on that as Miles Guo is on everything else.”

Almost as soon as Peter Navarro got out of court, he ran to Steve Bannon’s Chinese money man to raise money for his legal defense fund, and make no mistake about it, Navarro was looking for cash.

Trump and his associates are always trying to link Biden to China, and it seems the reason is they’re trying to cover up their Chinese connections.

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