Summer Beauty Trends to Try

There are so many good summer beauty trends right now. What’s the one you can’t stop talking about?

Sky-high lashes that are better than extensions and a fiery, orange-red lip that will rake in the compliments!

We want the scoop: How did you create this look?

I started with my base and used a damp sponge to apply my foundation and concealer to any areas that needed a little more love in the coverage department. Then I used a fluffy brush and bronzer to warm up my skin for a sun-kissed finish along my cheekbones, underneath my jawline, around my temples, and on the top of my nose. Next was eye shadow! I took a light pearlescent color and used it all over my lid as a base and then deepened it up around my crease and lash line with shimmery shades of plum. I wanted to make it subtle and slightly smoky with just enough definition to keep it suitable for daytime. I filled in my brows with the brow pencil and then went in with the mascara. It’s insanely buildable and lightweight, so you can go in with a few coats (I did three!) and get major lift and length with zero clumping. It quite literally looks like extensions! Last but not least, I finished my look with lipstick—a bright pop of red on my lips.

What do you love most about the Exhibitionist Stretch & Strengthen Mascara?

I’m so picky about mascara. I have long lashes, but I still always crave length. Most formulas are way too heavy and make my lashes look wet, clumpy, and droopy. This one does the opposite! I couldn’t believe how light the formula is, but somehow, it doesn’t flake or clump. Instead of getting clumpy and spidery with more layers, your lashes simply get longer and more fluttery. It’s magical, and I love it for giving me the extension effect that I crave.

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