Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed!

Republicans in the Senate did everything in their power to derail and undermine Justice Jackson’s nomination, treating her confirmation hearings as an opportunity to spew racist, sexist bile and spread ridiculous conspiracy theories. But through it all, Justice Jackson refused to stoop to their level, maintaining her composure during even the most outlandish attacks from Republicans hoping for a bit of air time.

And through it all, MoveOn members like you were there to support Justice Jackson and stand against the efforts of Republicans to stop her confirmation.

Since the start of her confirmation hearings:

  • MoveOn members made almost 10,000 calls to Congress in support of her confirmation,
  • more than 80,000 members signed on to a petition calling for her to be confirmed,
  • young MoveOn members took to the streets in front of the Supreme Court to immediately demonstrate public support on the day of her nomination, and
  • 150,000 people ordered these beautiful stickers, designed by artist Amanda Mustard, to show their support for her historic nomination.

You can join with hundreds of thousands of fellow MoveOn members to celebrate Justice Jackson’s confirmation today by ordering your free KBJ sticker, placing it somewhere visible, and sharing this message with your family and friends! Click here to order now.

Justice Jackson will be a voice for the people on the court, having served as a public defender and on a sentencing commission. The work must continue to rebalance the court after Mitch McConnell and Republicans packed it with ultra right-wing conservatives. We need at least three more Justice Jacksons on the court, because our human and civil rights are on the line. So grab your sticker now to proudly display your support for this historic confirmation and as a reminder of what’s at stake in our work to build an America where everyone can thrive.

Thanks for all you do.


1. “The Senate confirms Jackson, elevating the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.” The New York Times, April 7, 2022

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