Texas Republican Party platform calls Biden an illegitimate president

Can somebody explain to me why Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is constantly appearing in front of multiple flags of a nation his party wants to secede from led by a president his party refuses to acknowledge as legitimate?

The Texas Republican Party held their state convention on Saturday, putting the finishing touches on a new party platform that rejects the legitimacy of President Joe Biden as president and demands the state hold a referendum on seceding from the nation. It also responds to the murder of 19 Texas grade schoolers by demanding the legislature be stripped from any power to regulate guns. Don’t worry, though, they have plans for Texas’ children: The platform also demands schools be banned from teaching sex education or sexual health lessons, but requires Texas students to “listen to live ultrasounds of gestating fetuses.” The Republican plan for Texas: creating a land of seditionist gun-obsessed child groomers.

Donald Trump continues to not shut up, which is only useful if the Department of Justice ever actually charges the seditionist traitor with obstruction of justice. It’s not like Trump is trying to hide that he really did mean to topple the government that day. Oh, and the Senate continues to be a boil on America’s backside, an incompetent and mostly-malevolent tool for backbenching urgent public needs at the behest of absurdly wealthy patrons who will never have enough money to be content. If Texas Republicans are serious about seceding, perhaps they can be convinced to take the Senate with them?

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