The 11 Best Candles, According to Me, a Candle Snob

No matter what time of day it is, I enjoy a candle. I’ll use any occasion to light one, from taking a bath to trying to get rid of the lingering scent of a cooking attempt and even when I’m writing a story like I am right now. While candles are small in size, they can be a large form of escapism in your home. 

My husband also happens to be a bit of a candle snob, so it’s hard for us to leave a shop without a new candle. After burning through a more-than-average number of candles in the past year, I decided to round up my favorites so you won’t have to buy as many candles as I did to find the best of the best. 

Whether you’re a fan of fruity and floral fragrances or musky and woodsy smells, you’re bound to find an option in this list. My husband and I have different preferences, so I don’t keep to one category. Keep scrolling to find your pick.

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