The 11 Best Primers With SPF, Hands-Down

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether or not makeup products with SPF actually do anything. Most derms agree that you would have to be using an extremely generous amount of the product for it to actually provide any real sun protection, but that doesn’t mean you should scrap the idea of buying makeup with SPF altogether. What these types of products can at least provide, is an extra layer of protection. Keep in mind, I’m not saying you should ditch your regular sunscreen and opt for solely a primer with SPF. But what you can do is wear your favorite sunscreen under a primer that also has SPF. 

Brendan Camp, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, agrees. “Sunscreens should typically be applied before the application of makeup so that they can protect the skin more effectively and won’t alter the appearance of makeup that has just been applied,” he says. “Primer products that include SPF protection can [help] accomplish two tasks in one step. When searching for a primer with SPF, look for one with a minimum of SPF of 30 and broad spectrum protection.” If you’re considering snagging a primer with SPF, take a look at a few below beloved by celebrity makeup artists and a few of our own favorites.

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