The 21 Chicest Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair of All Time

Whenever we find ourselves in the midst of a hairstyling rut (which, to be honest, is pretty much always), braids never fail to save the day. Alongside ponytails and buns, braided hairstyles are an effortless and strategic way to add some flair and zing sans tons of extra styling products or hot tools. (They’re also a fabulously sneaky antidote for camouflaging roots or bangs as they’re growing out.)

There are plenty of chic braided hairstyles well suited for every hair type, texture, and length, but today, we’re zeroing in on 21 options that look especially cool on short hair. Since celebrities are constantly switching up their hair vibe—whether it’s for a new role, concert tour, or just because—we’re looking to their chameleon-like tendencies to inspire our next braided look. From Zoë Kravitz’s tied-back cornrows to Constance Wu’s tendril-sprinkled crown braid, we have all the braided hairstyles to accentuate a variety of short hair lengths just below. Keep scrolling! 

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