The 25 Best Puddle Pants To Shop Right Now

If you follow fashion at all, by now you’re likely familiar with one of the biggest trends to emerge this year: puddle pants. The name is exactly as it suggests—extra long and loose pants that seemingly flow into the ground creating a puddle effect around your ankles. The shift towards looser and baggier silhouettes has been steadily pacing for a few seasons now, so it makes sense that celebrities and designers alike have welcomed puddle pants with open arms.

Personally, I’ve never met a wide leg pant that I didn’t like, so it only took a few images of Meghan Markle wearing the trend to convince me to go all in with puddle pants mind, body and soul. Since the spring I’ve slowly amassed a collection of them, adding a pair here and there over the months. They’ve won out over jeans and floral dresses as my most worn staple of the summer simply because there’s just so much versatility with a great pair of trousers. As a puddle pants fanatic, I’ve assembled my top pairs that I’d wear over and over again, below. Keep scrolling to shop them all along with some outfit inspiration. 

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