The “Boring” Summer Staple We’re Seeing on Every New Yorker

When you travel to any city in the world, there are always telltale signs of what makes that destination unique, but the easiest way to get a true sense of the town is through street style. What a Parisian wears in the middle of summer will be completely different from what someone wears in Houston, for example. There’s something magical about witnessing how people around the world approach style, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my true loyalty will always lie with New Yorkers. After all, I am one. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll always love French style, and sometimes, I miss the laid-back Los Angeles energy, but it’s not up for debate that New Yorkers know how to look good while they stay steady grinding. The hustle and bustle of the city require a focus on functionality. You can’t survive walking in uncomfortable shoes, extreme temperatures are normal, and you have to know that the city’s filth will, at some point, require you to find a better cleaner. Basically, this city is brutal, so you need an arsenal of reliable pieces to throw on and go. 

What those basics are depends on the season. But in the middle of the summer, you can’t walk a city block without spotting one signature staple: a white dress. It’s a concept that, admittedly, I never noticed until a recent transplant pointed it out to me. So in that vein, I’ve pulled the receipts to show how this “boring” staple continues to be popular with the New York crowd and shopped out the best white dresses online right now. This staple is a must-have, even if you don’t live in Manhattan.

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