The First 1/6 Committee Hearing Will Be Next Thursday At 8 PM

The 1/6 Committee will hold its first hearing in primetime at 8 PM ET next Thursday (June 9).

Jake Sherman tweeted the notice:

The primetime hearing is where Kevin McCarthy’s decision to take his ball and go home instead of selecting non-coup participants for the committee could come back to bite House Republicans. The GOP would be feeling a lot better about the hearing if the two Republicans on the committee were not Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

The hearings could be ugly for Republicans and it would not be surprising if the broadcast networks interrupted their usual programming to show the hearing next Thursday live.

It is unknown who will be testifying at the hearings. The first night will feature opening statements from each of the committee members will be made as they begin to build their case and tell the story about what happened during the Capitol attack and how it relates to Trump’s coup.

Six hearings are scheduled with two in primetime as the 1/6 Committee is poised to dominate the summer American political conversation.

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