The First Republican Attack Ad Against John Fetterman Is Laughable Failure

The first Republican attack ad is running against John Fetterman across Pennsylvania, and it is awful.

The ad:

The Republicans managed to create an anti-Fetterman ad containing no Fetterman. There is no audio or video of Fetterman taking the positions that the ad claims that he holds. The ad quotes Bernie Sanders, but there is no audio or video of Sanders.

Instead, Republicans have a white van and some actors.

The Fetterman campaign responded:

Republicans are likely going to run a candidate that isn’t from Pennsylvania, and many Republicans themselves don’t like. It is as if the Republicans think that screaming Bernie Sanders, Green New Deal, and radical left will be enough to scare Pennsylvania voters into supporting a TV doctor who would probably fail a Pennsylvania geography test.

The anti-Fetterman ad is one of the worst of the year so far. Republicans will have to come up with more to beat the Lt. Governor, who won all 67 Pennsylvania counties in his primary.

Republicans are already likely to have a bad Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, but it is possible that they could have an even worse campaign.

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