The Grandpa-Inspired Print Trend Will Be Huge This Summer

Tropical print trend, spring summer 2022


Courtesy of Who What Wear Collection; Courtesy of Staud/BFA; Courtesy of Anna Sui

Scroll through TikTok or Instagram on any given day, and you’ll realize that what trends are popular right now fall into two categories: overly sexualized and anti-sexualized. You see those polarities through rising fashion aesthetics like villain era dressing or hot girl summer, all about embracing micro-mini skirts and baring all the skin. And then, on the other side of the spectrum, you have the rise of aesthetics like a coastal grandmother or preppy aesthetic that emphasized more demure and functional pieces like oversized knitwear and breezy linens. Both polarities are ultimately about playing with, subverting, and even controlling the gaze through what you choose to wear. And while they may seem entirely different stylistically, it’s ultimately about having the power to decide how you want to be seen this summer. 


Of course, for the fashion-obsessed, that choice can be challenging. If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of a risqué cutout piece just as much as a crochet cardigan, so opting for one particular style for the summer feels like choosing a favorite pair of shoes. Luckily for us, one trend manages to bridge the gap between wanting that modest feel with a bit of the excitement that riskier trends bring to the table: tropical prints. Hear me out on this, tropical prints happened not only to be one of the most standout print trends in Spring/Summer 2022 collections, but it’s the perfect thing to invest in for the summer. And if you don’t believe me on this, you’ll want to keep reading as I’ve highlighted not only how this print has managed to make a comeback, but I’ve also found the best tropical print pieces to shop for right now.

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